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The blueprint for using your signature story to become a successful speaker, consultant or coach

Saturday, September 30
11 AM

Memoir Mogul is for you because...

You're being called into the spotlight to share your incredible life's story
You're a high-achiever, whose accomplishments deserve to be recognized 
You want to be a sought-after speaker, consultant, or coach, but you have no desire to chase free events or low-paying clients “for the exposure”
You’re tired of feeling like the world’s “best-kept secret”
You envision yourself running a 6- or 7-figure speaking, coaching, or consulting business that effortlessly attracts clients and opportunities 
You’re ready to jumpstart your business without relying on social media gimmicks


TLDR: This masterclass is for you because you're a dominator, and your signature story of how you've beat the odds and risen to the top deserves to be shared.


If you're a high-level executive, experienced entrepreneur, or professional service provider, who wants to transition from their current role and into a career as a successful speaker, coach, or consultant, Memoir Mogul is the masterclass crafted especially for you.

My first formal speaking invitation was for a conference that would host about 1,000 people. The moment I said "yes", I remembered that every speaker should have a book. But I didn't -- yet.

Over the next 6 weeks, I'd craft my first memoir, Your Life's Calling, and as I was writing, I could envision myself on stage, speaking about the transformative points of the book. 

When I got to the conference, I delivered my talk and not only was it a success, I sold every book I'd brought with me, and there were orders to be filled when I returned home! The leads for clients and invitations to speak continued to roll in, and every single time I shared my story and my expertise, the clients kept coming and my business kept growing!



Today, I run a successful speaking, coaching, and consulting firm, where I use my life's story and my expertise to help companies and individuals around the world launch businesses and emerge into new markets.

My business operates in more than 18 countries and I have spoken on platforms all over the world.

I'm hosting Memoir Mogul because I know that, like me, there are people who are called to step into the spotlight as a speaker, push people to greatness as a coach, or transform organizations as a consultant -- and they're wondering how do I make it happen?

My answer is short and simple: With your memoir!

Your signature story - your memoir - serves as a point of connection with clients, as content for your talks, and as conversation starters with event attendees.


Each time you share your story, you dramatically deepen the connection with your audience and community. They're able to see themselves in your story, grow from your expertise, and conquer their challenges with you in their corner.

In Memoir Mogul, I'm going to share the same secrets and strategies I used to write my memoir and skyrocket my business. 

2019-12-18 11.43_edited.jpg

I'll show you how to:

Combine your powerful life's story and your considerable expertise to craft your signature story

Use your memoir for connection, conversation, and content with your audience and with clients

Craft a strategy to get your story the attention it deserves so that calls and invitations roll in non-stop

Ready to discover how your signature story can transform you into a sought-after, world-changing speaker? Sign up for Memoir Mogul right now!



I'm Dr. Rhonda, the Founder of SoulScribe. I work with exceptional women entrepreneurs who want to become expert coaches, consultants, or speakers, using a memoir that spotlights their powerful personal story and their monumental achievements. When you attend my masterclasses and retreats, you'll find supportive spaces where you can be free to tap into your inner wisdom, discover your core values, and overcome obstacles. Together, we'll craft a powerful manuscript that captures the essence of your life, your considerable expertise, and your purpose. Join me and let's unlock your story's potential, so you can make your indelible mark on the world.


Dr. Jennifer W.

Dr. Rhonda helped me navigate telling my story and she made it so easy for me, I wish I would have contacted her sooner.  She didn't judge me or question me.  She laid out options of paths I could take at each step of the process.  She used her expertise to walk me through those options one decision at a time. By doing so, she made writing my memoir easier than I could have imagined.
I would not be in the position I'm in today without Dr. Rhonda's expertise, coaching, and support. I am able to show up in my business with authenticity, pride, and more confidence in myself than ever before, all because of Dr. Rhonda. 

Jewel C.

"I reached out to Dr. Rhonda not long after she began her first book-writing cohort. I had unexpectedly lost my husband not long before and I'd decided to turn my pain into purpose. I began writing my book about the love my husband and I shared; it was quite challenging, yet therapeutic. Dr. Rhonda, who has now also become my life coach, made herself available during my late night cries & my writer's block. She continuously threw me a rope to pull me out of some of my darkest moments; I'm thankful I chose to grab hold and not let go. I am proud to say that my book is complete -

Here's what my clients and attendees are saying...


Does any of this sound like you?

You're a powerhouse executive, experienced entrepreneur, or professional service provider, who feels called to transition into speaking coaching or consulting.


You're a confident trailblazer, who has thrived despite a life-time of obstacles and challenges.


You're a woman of substance, with a wealth of life experiences and triumphs that deserve to be shared.


You're no stranger to success, but you're hungry for something more—a deeper connection with yourself and a meaningful way to give back.

You've accomplished great things, but you believe there's still untapped potential within you, waiting to be released.

If you "feel seen" right now, then sign up TODAY!

Memoir Mogul is DEFINITELY for you. In one 60-minute session, I'll show you how to unlock the secrets to writing a transformative memoir that will be the hallmark of your successful consulting, coaching, or speaking business.


Whether you're a powerhouse executive, a fearless entrepreneur, or a successful service provider, this masterclass is exactly what you need to start your journey. 

To get started, click the "Claim Your Spot" button below.


You’ll discover how to...


Tap into your most transformative life's stories


Showcase your trailblazing success


Craft a blueprint that launches your speaking, coaching, or consulting business


Command the spotlight and get the recognition your story deserves

Your signature story is the key to stepping boldly into the spotlight as a speaker, coach, or consultant...

The time to write it is now!

Don't keep us waiting!

Meet your host:
Dr. Rhonda Alexander

Dr. Rhonda Alexander is a Global Entrepreneur, Author Coach, and Purpose-Alignment Expert. She is the founder of IUVO Consulting, LLC, an international regulatory-compliance consulting firm; E-Squared Entrepreneur & Executive Coaching, LLC, a firm dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of entrepreneurs and leaders; and SoulScribe, a community where powerhouse leaders and entrepreneurs experience the transformative and purpose-aligning power of memoir writing. 

In addition to authoring three books: EntrHERpreneur, Your Life’s Calling, and Side-Hustle or Sustainable, Dr. Rhonda has worked with organizations and professionals throughout the world. As a result, she has garnered more than 25 years of unique experiences that make her a creative organizational strategist, as well as an inspired, compassionate, and driven speaker and coach.


Dr. Rhonda's purpose in life is to walk people out of darkness and into the light of who they're created to be. When you connect with her, get ready to level up! Whether it's in your business or in your personal life, Dr. Rhonda has the tools and support you need to be who you're created to be and live the life you're created to live!

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