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We work with experts like you -- entrepreneurs, executives, and professional service providers -- to write a book and leverage it to make more money as speakers, coaches, and consultants.  

SoulScribe is an experienced coaching firm that works with experts who want to generate high-ticket revenue with their book.

Say GOOD BYE to that incomplete memoir!

Have you been writing your memoir (or thinking about it) for years?

Ever wondered if anyone would even read what you're writing?

Do you start every year with a resolution to finally finish your book?

Are you feeling like you're penning the pages of a masterpiece no one will even read?

You're not alone.

At SoulScribe, we understand that writing your book can feel overwhelming, like trying to distill a lifetime of lessons and memories down to just a few meaningful words. Thankfully, we're here to transform your challenge into a journey of empowerment and triumph, where you can embrace effortless memoir writing and say goodbye to solitary struggles and disjointed narratives.

Discover your path to birthing an impactful memoir that not only tells your story but also resonates with the hearts of the people who need to encounter it.

Our coaching makes writing less frustrating and more fulfilling.

Write with purpose, share with impact. Isn’t that your goal?

Let SoulScribe show you how to tell your story with clarity and confidence.

SoulScribe's clients tell the story...

Kelvin Parker

Dr. Rhonda showed me how to bring my Signature Story to life. She broke process of writing down into manageable milestones that made writing easier.


She took all the overwhelming feelings away, and showed me that writing my memoir was something I could definitely accomplish.

Dr. Jennifer Westphal

Dr. Rhonda helped me tap into the Signature Story that got me on major stages like South by Southwest (SXSW) to pitch my business. 


Thanks to her coaching, I've used my Signature Story to raise nearly $1M for my startup.


Dr. Tiffany Jenkins

Dr. Rhonda challenged me to write a memoir in which I stepped out of the shadows of my profession as a therapist and into the spotlight as an overcomer of father-daughter estrangement. 
Pre-sales of my book are already rolling in and I'm booking speaking enagements well into the coming year!

From Story to Stage,
Faster & Easier



Our coaching helps you discover, write, and publish the message you're designed and destined to share with the world in just 6 months.



Don't wait for invitations to the stage. Build your own and then slay it! We help you build a powerful brand and design a clear plan to get you front and center.



Fast track your success as an author and speaker by tapping into and collaborating with our curated audiences of professionals and peers.


Reasons to work with


Increase Your Influence.

Amplify your impact and affirm your thought leadership with a compelling Signature Story that combines your life story, your heart's passion, and your considerable expertise.


Extend your reach and impact a broader audience with the story and insights that are signature you.


Expert Guidance and Tailored Strategies:

Benefit from Dr. Rhonda's personalized coaching to align your memoir with your personal and professional aspirations.

This tailored approach guarantees that your story is not just told but strategically crafted to resonate with your audiences.


Exclusive Community & Networking

Access an exclusive community of high-achieving individuals that is a rich source of networking opportunities.


Expand your professional network and open the door to powerful collaborations, new ventures, and enhanced professional relationships.

A few clients, in their words...

Tahisha Thompson

Cynthia Holland

Dr. Synetheia Newby

Ready to craft and share your Signature Story and start transforming audiences all over the world?

Contact Us:

Meet your coach:
Dr. Rhonda Alexander

Meet Dr. Rhonda, a global powerhouse — successful entrepreneur, author, coach, and influential speaker. With three published books under her belt and a stage presence that spans the globe, she's leaving an indelible mark on the world. As the Founder of SoulScribe, she's the go-to coach and strategist for executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals aspiring to become authors and motivational speakers.

Dr. Rhonda's genius lies in harnessing the power of personal narratives, melding them with her clients' profound expertise, and weaving connections through her extensive network. With her guidance, known as the Story to Stage Methodology, clients craft a powerful Signature Story, the beacon that effortlessly attracts speaking invitations to big stages from across the globe.


Dr. Rhonda's purpose in life is to walk people out of darkness and into the light of who they're created to be. When you connect with her, get ready to level up! Whether it's in your business or in your personal life, Dr. Rhonda has the tools and support you need to be who you're created to be and live the life you're created to live!

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