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You're Exceptional.
A Visionary. A Trailblazer.

You've achieved remarkable success, but now you're ready to take it to the next level—to connect with your life's purpose and inspire others through your memoir.

SoulScribe Can Help.

Whether you want to publish an inspiring memoir, leverage your story for speaking and coaching opportunities, or transition to a new role that aligns with your purpose, SoulScribe's programs will revolutionize your journey.


Are you feeling the burning desire to write your memoir, but need the time and guidance to do so?


Are you seeking a mentor with the expertise to help you successfully navigate the memoir-writing process and who will guide you every step of the way?


Do you crave a community of like-minded women who understand the cathartic nature of writing and are dedicated to supporting your journey?

Are you ready to invest in yourself and embrace the power of your truth?

If you answered yes, the SoulScribe Writing Community is PERFECT for you!

The SoulScribe Writing Community is where extraordinary women come together to write, inspire, and leave a lasting legacy.

When you join SoulScribe, you'll get access to:

Monthly Masterclasses that are designed to ignite your creativity, help you overcome writer's block, and push your storytelling boundaries, so you can write consistently and explore new perspectives

The SoulScribe Online Community, where you'll connect with other exceptional women who are on their journey of self-discovery and storytelling

My Coaching Center, where you'll find on-demand videos and other resources that will inspire and guide you throughout your memoir writing journey

Live Monthly Accountability Meetings with Dr. Rhonda to keep you motivated, help you set goals, and track your progress meeting those goals with the support of the community


I wish I would have contacted her sooner
-Dr. Jennifer Westphal

Dr. Rhonda helped me navigate telling my story and she made it so easy for me, I wish I would have contacted her sooner.  She didn't judge me or question me.  She laid out options of paths I could take at each step of the process.  She used her expertise to walk me through those options one decision at a time. By doing so, she made writing my memoir easier than I could have imagined.

I would not be in the position I'm in today without Dr. Rhonda's expertise, coaching, and support. I am able to show up in my business with authenticity, pride, and more confidence in myself than ever before, all because of Dr. Rhonda. 


This is the program for you if you're ready to get it done!
-Dr. Synetheia Newby

My coaching clients say...

from alisha 358106242_314552680900516_7463994991131111001_n.jpg

Does this sound like you?

You're a powerhouse executive or entrepreneur who wants to make a lasting impact on the world.


You're a confident trailblazer, who has thrived despite a life-time of obstacles and challenges.


You're a woman of substance, with a wealth of life experiences and triumphs that deserve to be shared with the world.


You're no stranger to success, but you're hungry for something more—a deeper connection with yourself and a meaningful way to give back.

​You're a believer in personal growth and transformation, always seeking opportunities to expand your horizons and evolve.​

Meet Your Coach:
Dr. Rhonda Alexander

Dr. Rhonda Alexander is a Global Entrepreneur, Author Coach, and Purpose-Alignment Expert. She is the founder of SoulScribe, and she's the founder of IUVO Consulting, LLC, an international regulatory-compliance consulting firm, E-Squared Entrepreneur & Executive Coaching, LLC, a firm dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of entrepreneurs and leaders, and SoulScribe, a community where powerhouse leaders and entrepreneurs experience the transformative and purpose-aligning power of memoir writing. 

In addition to authoring three books: EntrHERpreneur, Your Life’s Calling, and Side-Hustle or Sustainable, Dr. Rhonda has worked with organizations and professionals throughout the world. As a result, she has garnered more than 25 years of unique experiences that make her a creative organizational strategist, as well as an inspired, compassionate, and driven speaker and coach.


Dr. Rhonda's purpose in life is to walk people out of darkness and into the light of who they're created to be. When you connect with her, get ready to level up! Whether it's in your business or in your personal life, Dr. Rhonda has the tools and support you need to be who you're created to be and live the life you're created to live!

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